Media and Cultural Studies
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Interdisciplinary CHASS Building South
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Welcome to the NEW Media and Cultural Studies Department and the Film and Visual Culture Program!

The Film and Visual Culture major provides an interdisciplinary examination of film, video, television, multimedia, and visual culture with a primary emphasis on history and theory and a secondary focus on production. The major consists of three curricular tracks, in one of which students may concentrate:

  1. Film and Visual Media
  2. Film, Literature, and Culture
  3. Ethnography, Documentary, and Visual Culture

The Film and Visual Culture major combines the breadth of an interdisciplinary major with a precise focus on visual media. Its interdisciplinary structure brings together approaches to visual media that would usually be separated by discipline. Students have a unique opportunity to acquire critical skills in the reading and analysis of media texts together with those involved in various modes of media production. This applied experience includes training in creative, documentary, and ethnographic video; photography; multimedia production; and screenwriting. Familiarity with media, either for its academic or industrial applications, enhances one's understanding of any field in the humanities or social sciences today.